SMES Teacher of the Year

Amber Cole

Mrs. Amber Cole
2020 St. Marys Elementary Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Cole is a first grade teacher at SMES and a graduate of Camden County High School. She has spent her entire 7 year teaching career as a SMES Shark!

Fast Five Facts About Mrs. Cole

1. I attended St. Marys Elementary as a child and now I’m lucky enough to teach here too. 

2. Despite my mom being a redhead too, I told everyone my red hair came from the milkman until I was 8. 

3. I love to read and am constantly adding books to my ‘to be read’ pile.

4. I disliked camping until I actually tried it. Now it’s one of my favorite ways to spend long weekends with my husband. 

5. My favorite series to read aloud in 1st grade is Junie B. Jones. I fear I am more like Junie B. than you might realize. 

Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Mrs. Cole!